Visit "Sanctuary of Truth", Pattaya Thailand

Author: TT   Date Posted:20 September 2012 

Visit "Sanctuary of Truth", Pattaya Thailand main image Visit "Sanctuary of Truth", Pattaya Thailand image

"The Magnificence of Heaven Recreated on Earth"


The Sanctuary of Truth is an all-wooden structure located in the northern shores of Pattaya City, a little over an hour drive from the capital city of Bangkok, Thailand. This amazing wooden structure reaches over 100 meters on its highest point, purely built on wood over an area covering over 2 rais, equivalent to 3200 square meters. 
The sanctuary was conceived out of the vision that human civilization has been achieved and nurtured by religious and philosophical truth. A perfect blend of religion, philosophy, and art.
This amazing structure is an glorious reflection of Thai Wood craft skills and it showcases genuine Thai ancient culture. 
Some activities you can do in this marvelous place include speed boating, ATV driving, riding horse carriages around the castle, boat rowing, horseback riding, and so much more. 

Here are some images that will show you the amazing hand carvings and skillful artistry:

Above shows wooden sculptures lining up the pillars surrounding the base of the temple.


Above depicts a very detailed wooden sculpture of Sesha or Ananta the World-Serpent.


Above shows an archway depicting numerous fairies and beasts of lore.


Above you can see a perfect incorporation of Thai music, culture, and their amazing skills in wood carving.

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