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Author: TT   Date Posted:21 October 2012 

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Why Mango Wood?

Over the last few decades, Mango Wood has rapidly gained popularity as material for furniture and craft work.
One of the main reasons for this is its sustainability. Other types of hardwoods take a longer time to fully mature, so their prices are a bit more higher since they are harder to produce. With Mango Wood it only takes a few years to grow. Once they stop bearing fruit, the timber can now be used to create magnificent pieces of furniture or craft work.
Another popular reason why mango wood has become quite popular is its quality. Though not hard enough for construction, it is quite as dense as ash or cherry wood so it becomes suitable for furniture or craft. Another good quality of mango wood is its water resistance. It can last for generations as long as it is not allowed to dehydrate.
Another popular reason as well is due to its color and texture. Unlike some craft wood, mango wood displays color properties. A mango wood furniture can offer quite a unique finish because of the numerous colors it comes in. Colors can range from light brown to dark brown, some even have a hint of pink in it. This provides the finished product with a warm and fresh point in any home or office decoration.
Last but not the least reason why mango wood has become very attactive for furniture and craft makers is its environment friendly nature. With the fast growth and maturity of mango trees, once they stop bearing fruit for a few years the wood from the barren trees is cut and in its place a new tree is planted. This cycle creates a great opportunity for the trees to absorb carbon from the atmosphere and soil regulating a cooler environment and releasing oxygen which all livings things need to survive.

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