Mango Trees Wooden Brain Puzzles

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Mango Trees Wooden Brain Puzzles

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Since the ancient times, way back in the 3rd century BC, people were already solving wooden puzzles. This habit has been endeared by many due to the fact that it stimulates the brain and hones one's logic and strategy. 
At first, these were produced only in small quantities due to the expense of getting raw materials so most of them were made at home, or were sold in high prices because they were difficult to make.
Now at Mango Trees Australia, we specialize in almost any kind of wooden puzzles, or brain teaser puzzles, or brain training puzzles, or whatever you may call it. 
Our puzzles are not meant for any specific genre or age. Kids, adults, classrooms, or play centers will enjoy trying to figure out how a certain piece goes a certain way. This is a perfect way to spend your time with friends, with your family, or even alone when you feel like exercising your brain cells.
As for my personal experience, it was years ago when I accidentally came across a wooden puzzle while wandering through a night market in Thailand. I saw this little wooden box and fell in love with it. Way back then I did not know what it was called. I looked it up and found out it was called a Tangram. That little box took me half an hour to put back after I took it apart. With the solutions right in front of my face. 
I fell in love with the idea of wooden puzzles and I decided to make it a part of Mango Trees. We will show you that wooden puzzles can be deceiving. They may look easy, but we dare you, it'll eat up a lot of your time trying to figure out how. But we won't be so mean as not to teach you how to do it. All of our wooden puzzles come with instructions and solutions so in any case you get to a part where your brain stops working, you don't have to worry. We got you covered.

Brain Teaser Puzzles

These puzzles specialize in prepping up your brain before going to those very complicated puzzles. Brain teasers as we call them, they actually give your brain a little exercise and warm them up. Most of the brain teaser puzzles include simple tiling puzzles, simple tangrams, and tower puzzles.

Aside from being a great personal collectible, this would be perfect to be given as a gift to friends or family who love brain puzzles, or even those who don't. We pretty much guarantee they'll be hooked up with these puzzles too.

Interlocking Puzzles

In this type of puzzle, a single or multiple pieces hold the others together, or sometimes the pieces themselves hold themselves. Your primary goal in this type of puzzle is to completely take apart the whole piece and also, just as hard is how to put them back together.

Some of these puzzles are ridiculously hard to take apart, with some needing a few moves first before you can even take out the first piece. If you're looking for something that'd take up a whole load of your time, this would be the perfect type of puzzle for you to do.

Pyramid Puzzles

A simple type of puzzle that kids and adults will definitely enjoy is pyramid puzzles. These types of puzzle are fairly simple and easy to solve. The primary on mostly all of these puzzles is to build the pyramid using the pieces given.

This stimulates the brain and brings out the inner strategy and logic capabilities. This can also be a perfect piece to place in table or furniture tops or as a gift for almost any occasion.

Ring and String Puzzles

If you're fond of stings and making things go through them, ring and string puzzles should definitely be a part of your collection. These are fairly simple to look at, but looks can be deceiving once you start working on them. The main goal is either to make an object go through the obstacle course, or to completely separate the object with the whole course.

This makes for a very entertaining and yet nice to look at piece. You could either give it to friends, family, or keep to yourself.

Educational Puzzles

Kids absolutely love to put together and take apart pieces. So we here at Mango Trees decided to make things fun and at the same time educational by introducing educational puzzles. The mechanics are pretty simple; the pieces go a certain way where the completed puzzle becomes an animal, a vehicle, or virtually anything.

This becomes a very entertaining toy for kids as well as a perfect time spender for adults. People will be amazed when they see your kids and will constantly ask for more details.

Wooden Games

When we were at school and our teachers weren't looking we'd love to play tic-tac-toe on a piece of paper. Then we'd quickly hide that piece of paper when the teacher is looking. Now, we can relive these happy moments when we play wooden games on our table tops. Wooden games like tic-tac-toe, stacking games, even card games will surely be activities that your kids, family, or friends will look forward to every single day.

These games are perfect with afternoon tea or coffee, to spend time making conversations and will definitely be additional happy memories you will cherish and remember.

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