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Author: TT   Date Posted:24 August 2012 

About Mango Trees Blog Blog about Thai crafts, Thai Culture and Thai community in Australia.

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Who are we?

We love Thailand. We love Thai culture. We love the beautiful scenery and the white sand beaches. We love the friendly, peaceful, relaxed, and calm people who live there. We love everything about Thailand. So when we founded Mango Trees in 2012, we founded it with love.

To show how much we love Thailand and everything about it we put a lots of efforts by cherishing Thai culture and the country. Aside from introducing Thai products, especially these masterfully done handicraft, one of the many ways we do that is to build this blog. Here we share to you our ideas and we give you our opinions and hopefully you feel the same way.
We built our business and this blog inspired by this phrase:
"Positive Thinking, Positive Living"
We know you would agree with that and we believe that life would pretty much be easy if we follow this simple virtue. Right?


Mango Trees Blog 


About this blog
We want you to be a part of this. We want to build a community where we can all share ideas and opinions about Thailand and Thai culture. Wether you've been to Thailand, you're from Thailand, or even if you've never been to it, we would cherish any input you might have. Just like the country we simply adore, we are very open about anything you might contribute as long as it doesn't violate any legistrations in Australia and you have the copyright of what you wish us to publish for you. And no adult content please. 
All you have to do is submit to us your work and we'll take care of it. You can even build up back links with us, add your URLs here referencing back to your website or blog we would welcome it provided they are revelant to the content of our articles. 


Overview of our Blogs


Thai Food
After the close of the Vietnam War, many Asian refugees came here in Australia. Along with them came Thai people and they brought Thai culture and Thai food. Now, you would rarely see any suburb in Sydney without a Thai restaurant in sight! It has become very popular with Australians especially with all major cities around the country along with Italian, Chinese, and Indian food.
Some westerners think that Thai food is just a jumble of flavors, but we believe and we know Thai people would agree with us that the complexity of Thai food is what delights them. Thai food puts importance in lightly prepared dishes with stong aromatic components. Similar to Indian cuisine, spiciness is what Thai food focuses more on. To name a few, Tom Yam Goong, Pad Thai, Kuay Tiew are some of the most popular Thai dishes not only with Thai people but now also with Australian as well.
We would love if you share with us your favorite Thai dishes or tips on how to prepare them. As a return in advance, here is an amazing website that will help you get ingredients for Thai food and get them delivered all around Sydney. www.smilingfruit.com.au

Thai Crafts


We have found that the best skills are those that have been passed from generation to generation. And with the products that we sell, we make sure that we find the best artisans and handcraftsmen who have their skills and talents passed on only through family members because we know that we ensure these works of arts are not only made with creativity, but most importantly with love.

Thailand is a craft lover's paradise. You can feel it in the atmosphere, you can see it in the numerous craftsmen and artisans that populate the country, you know it in the beautiful pieces that they provide. One of the best virtues of Thai craftsmen is that they have the ability to revive traditional techniques that have almost disappeared with the coming of modern technology, yet blend them perfectly with modern and contemporary styles.


Traveling/Living in Thailand

Thailand has been one of the top tourist destinations in Asia. And we know why. 

Its mythical white sand beaches, jungle topped islands, dramatic limestone mountains make for a wonderful tropical getaway from the boring hustle and bustle of everyday life. 
Gleaming temples, golden Buddhas, and fortune-bringing shrines are spread throughout the rural and urban areas. Thailand is a Buddhist nation, and Buddha's teachings are brought to life with the people's incorporation into their day to day lives. Calmness, relaxation, passiveness are the Thai people's main qualities and much is preserved and endured. Although Thailand boasts fun and adventure, it is also a tropical haven for meditation and prayer, both appealing for the hermit and the extrovert alike.


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