Mango Wood Hand Carved Wall Art

Author: TT   Date Posted:10 January 2012 

Mango Wood Hand Carved Wall Art main image Mango Wood Hand Carved Wall Art image
Mango Trees Australia specializes in a huge range of wooden wall art pieces that you can virtually decorate in any home or office, in any room or wall.
Our huge collection contains hundreds of unique designs that have been carefully handcrafted and painted with extreme details by master artisans from northern Thailand. 
We use high quality mango wood, old teak wood, and bamboo among others. 
Most of our designs have either a tropical or Asian accent to them, so the atmosphere you get when you decorate your home or office with these pieces would be warm and bright, yet relaxed and calm feeling.
Here are some of our wall art examples:

From Buddha Wall Arts 


To Golden Flower Designs

To Mix and Match Sets

To beautiful mosaic Wall Arts


Mango Trees Australia can provide your home or office decoration the perfect warmth and brightness it deserves.

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