Foxes and Sheep

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The hunt is on with this strategic board game!
To start, place four foxes on each corner of the board. Then, take turns adding sheep,
one per turn, while the wily foxes begin their hunt. The foxes catch sheep by jumping over them. 
Sheep cannot move until all twelve are placed on the board. Sheep can move horizontally or 
vertically (but not diagonally). Sheep can "box in" a fox and prevent it from moving by 
surrounding one on all sides. Remember to remove the caught sheep from the board, but not the
surrounding foxes. Exercise your hunting skills until all the foxes have been captured or the 
sheep have been caught by the foxes! Enjoy!

Dimensions: 11 x 11 x 2 cm

Difficulty: 3 out of 5


Our puzzles are all purely handmade from top quality rubber wood and/or monkey wood at the highest international standards (include CE, EN7 and ASTM). Besides the fun time, it's also perfect for displaying up your shelf as a beautiful piece of artwork.


Every puzzle comes with solutions/instructions (just in case your brain is over-heated and...)

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