2015 New "Palm and Pond" Baby Swaddle Pod *Easy-Zip* Pouch 0-3 months 100% Cotton Beige

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2015 New Arrival Palm&Pond Baby Swaddle Pod with *Easy-Zip*



Original Palm&Pond® Baby Swaddle Pod Latest 2015 New Design

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- One-size suits from newborn to 3months 2 - 5kgs (5-10lbs)
- Product measures approx. 52cm long (20ins)

- 100% Premium Soft Stretchable Spandex Cotton Mix 
- Simple and easy to use & machine washable
- Ergonomic Support
- Easy Zip for easy nappie change

In the package:

1x 2015 Design Palm&Pond Baby Swaddle Pod with Easy-Zip (Cream)

Note: The safety of your child is your responsibility. Please use product with common sense and do not carry out any activities that could endanger the safety of your child.

The Swaddle Pod is ideal for very young infants in that it creates a cosy womb like feeling for baby and helps prevent baby from startling awake. Simple and easy to use, just zip baby into pod. The soft, comfortable spandex cotton blend stretches with babies movement for their comfort 

How to Swaddle Pod
The art of swaddling with a blanket takes a lot of practice and then just when you get it right - baby learns to wiggle or kick their way out of it. That's why our swaddles simply zip-up... no practice needed, and no wiggling out. Lay baby inside the swaddle, fasten the snap at the neck and with baby's arms inside, zip up the zipper.

Why Swaddling

Supine Swaddling Reduces Incidence of SIDS

There is evidence that swaddled back sleeping infants have lower incidence of SIDS than unswaddled back sleeping infants as stated in the Journal of Pediatrics, December 2002. Swaddling helps sleeping infants remain on their backs
Swaddled Babies Sleep Better
A Washington University study proved infants sleep better when swaddled
Swaddled babies have fewer awakenings and twice as much REM sleep, which is believed to be important for brain development. When babies sleep better and longer, parents get more sleep, too
Reduces Colic and Fussiness
Snug swaddling soothes babies by reminding them of being in the womb
Swaddling helps prevent over stimulation
Swaddling helps to contain baby's own jerky movements that can startle him or her awake
Baby is able to self-comfort by sucking on fingers or hand if swaddled with hands near face – the normal infant has been observed post delivery to bring hands to face within 30 minutes
Infants are inefficient at regulating their own temperature. Swaddling helps to keep infants comfortably warm when parents choose the appropriate swaddle blanket. 

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