Photo Frames

Mango Trees Photo Frames is Australia's Leading Wholesaler and Distributor of Handmade Wooden Photo Frames with hundreds of designer photo frames in stock.

All our wooden photo frames are 100% handcrafted from eco-friendly natural materials, some are of precious "Old Teak Wood" and unique designs with only limited stock EVER made.

-Bamboo Photo Frames

-Mango Wood Photo Frames

-Teak Wood Photo Frames

All of our photo frames are created by local artisans at their home studio in rural areas across northern Thailand with skills only passed on from family members from generation to generation.


At Mango Trees, we respect and cherish culture and we believe all these beautiful pieces are created with “time and heart” – each photo frame carries the skills and wisdom that have been passed on only through family members and they show the deep history and culture that they represent. We are pledged to dedicate ourselves to protect and promote this culture, with all our heart and with all our effort.   

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